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Zhejiang Saida Fastener Co., Ltd. specializes in the production of hexagon bolts, flange bolts, sem bolts, carriage bolts and various non-standard bolts. We manufacture GB, ANSI, DIN, ISO,BS and JIS standards. The strength ranges from grade 4.8 to grade 12.9. Our bolts are widely used in the automotive, machinery manufacturing, power industry, furniture industry and other industries.

Saida Fasteners Wenzhou Longwan Dongou have 30 years of experience in fastener manufacturing. After rapid development in recent years, we currently have cold heading factory, electroplating factory, heat treatment factory and warehouses in Wenzhou and Lishui. The total space is over 8,000 square meters. The factory has a complete production line of wire drawing, multi-station cold heading machine, high-speed threads processing, heat treatment, electroplating and machining, more than 20 high-speed cold heading Taiwan machines are introduced. Saida can produce 1000 tons of bolts per month.

The company has passed the ISO9001 quality system certification, the quality inspection department strictly implements the QC plan: strictly checks and screens the production links to ensure the products reach high quality. With the company’s technical strength, we can participate in the joint development of customer products, from demand development to mass production, to meet customer custom development needs. Saida fasteners win the trust of customers with quality, and maintain long-term cooperation with many listed companies. Our products are exported to Northern Europe and the United States.

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